900mhz coverage help

I mainly use 5.2-5.7ghz, Im starting to use 900mhz to cover a trailor park.

First off, im running on 924ghz -80 dbm, monitoring it for a long time worst i have ever seen was -60dbm for 1 refresh. (AP side)

Anyone that can connect stays connected.

I have about 15 houses that want service that I can not provide a reliable signal. these houses are circled on http://vcweb.org/canopy/top.jpg these houses do not have line of site. worst case they may go through very little earth, however the AP is only ~ 1/4 mile from these houses.

If you see http://vcweb.org/canopy/side.jpg it will show you the topo layout of the land.

AP is on a 60 pole and its a non connectorized unit. 7.3.6 hardware scheduling 2x. 1x does not make a difference.

Any suggestions? I see many success stories with the 900mhz equipment doing much more then Im trying for.

Oh and Im using 18dbi yagis on the SM side

What is the TX Power set to on the AP?

I assume the AP is tilted down toward the houses?

900 cannot penetrate a hill regardless of distance.

TX power is 24

there is a proper down tilt

As you see from side.jpg the amount of earth, if any would be very very minimal.

You could try elevating the SM side antenna. From what I see on the images, you may be having Fresnel clearance issues.

Its a retirement home/golf course/trailer park, I have to try my best to hide each SM. They would kill me if I put it on a pole.

should I try increasing the TX on the AP?

The max is 26dB - see if that helps.

Unfortunately you will need to raise the SM or not give them service.

You could try to do a WiFi repeater from a point within the community where you can see the houses and the AP.

A MikroTik HotSpot router with an amp and omni antenna would do the trick. Then all you would need a little patch antenna outside the house looking up at the WiFi AP.

Cost would be about 500 for the MikroTik/amp/antenna and the cost of SM/antenna. The good news is the end user cost would go way down.