900mhz dropping at randon

Im a subcriber not trying to get more bandwith or anything just cant keep connection im 1.56 mile from the tower the internet provider put up the antanna 18 db gain 6 foot sucker for jitter of 2 100/100 down elimanated the neighbers 900mhz phone and had good internet from friday night to saturday night with just a few randon drops but starting sunday morning at about 12:20 am it started again. sunday internet drops dont make any sense i check with the neighber that i replaced her phone and shes still using the phone i gave her that i know doesnt bother the wireless internet. i am shooting through alot of trees thats why the 18db antanna. is there anything else that could interfear with the signal.?
last bit of info today has been windy but not enough to even move the antanna from what ive seen.

Moving trees create alot of problems.

Try elevating the antenna another 25’ with a telescoping antenna mast. If that does it, then you can guy wire the mast into place.

"Moving trees create alot of problems."

Could you direct me to information on these “problems”? I have recently been burned by attempting to install some folks at rather large distances (<5 miles, 13 dB yagi) through trees, and when the wind came up, it was rare to get a registration. RSSI was good, link tests were wild for downloads, 20-80%. I would appreciate ANY information on NLOS connections in such instances.

No info that I am aware of, just my experience. At 5 miles your foliage penetration is pretty limited, hence the need to elevate above as much of the tree line as necessary to get a good link.

If you do a link budget analysis at 5 miles, and then insert 4dB loss per tree you will find that your budget gets eaten up pretty quickly.

mattman is up in the Sierra Nevada mountains and deals with serious pine trees. His solution is to install the radio in a tree to get up above most of the treeline.

Jerry Richardson wrote:

Try elevating the antenna another 25' with a telescoping antenna mast. If that does it, then you can guy wire the mast into place.

Any suggestions on where to research a telescoping antenna mast that will support the SM and a Yagi antenna? The best that I can seem to Google up are made of Fiberglass.
http://www.tessco.com/products/displayP ... lse&page=2

You need to guy them.

Im not sure how you gain access to the info/stats on your Canopy SM but do you know what your RSSI and power levels are? From my experience, if you have 100% up and down link tests, low jitter, and less than -80 for signal I think your link from you location to the AP is fine. I would guess it is a site issue. We have a few customers that act the same way depending on time of year and conditions. One hour everything is great and the next they drop. Wait a couple of hours and they are solid again for weeks or months at a time. Talk with you provider if possible before messing around with a 40’ telescoping mast. They are a pain to put, use it as a last resort. The last time I put one up I swore I would never do it again.

I think you probably covered the neighbors and possible interference from phones and other devices but you should also be aware that if it is raining along with the movement of the trees you get a serious variance in jitter. We often see 6-10 dBm loss from rain without any wind. Quite often 8-10 feet more height for the SM can clear it up depending on how deep you are in the tree line.

BTW I am going to mount an integrated 900 SM on a large white Pine tree in my yard. I’m thinking Mattman is doing it - it should work for me too. My trees are about the highest around.

A connectorized 900 with a 9dB HPol yagi mounted in the same position as the integrated 900 is in now worked great but the integrated is dropping out when I use my cordless phone now. I guess the broader antenna is picking up too much of the phone system’s signalling. I’m thinking more separation will clear it up.