900MHz Equipment for Sale

I have some equipment for sale I figured I’d offer here first before I throw it on e-bay.

1 integrated 900mhz SM
2 11dBi yagi (Pac Wireless)
1 integrated 900mhz AP
1 connectorized 900mhz SM
3 power supplies

I’d like to sell together if possible. This was test equipment, some weathering on AP. I’ll double check hardware platform, although I’m fairly certain the AP, and connectorized SM are P9 and the integrated is P10. The software varied on all devices, as again, this was a testbed system. So it ranges from 7.2.9 to 8.2 and I believe I still have the software packages on a CD if needed.

If interested, PM me and make an offer or if you have questions. Like to sell it off before it’s worth nothing. =P


Do you still have the equipment ?

Yes, equipment is still available.

I see you guys are using 900 Mhz? You should check out the 17.5 and 14.5 Dbi Yagi antenna. by KP Performance


Take care