900Mhz Frequency Questions

Has anyone tried running 906 & 915 with a 6 AP cluster? Essentially spreading 2 frequencies out over 6 APs with integrated panels. Is there anyway to do this without causing self-interference?

you would have to use all three non-overlapping channels (ie. 906,915,924)
you could have the ap’s that are directly across from each other using the same freq. otherwise you’ll cause yourself a lot of interference

It’s not really ideal but I have heard of it being done, just alternate freqs. 900 MHz is kinda small :frowning:

I had an area where I could not use 924 so we ended up putting up only 4 Integrated APs on 906 and 915. Although they are officially only 60deg panels they will cover 90deg just with less power in the between areas. This site now has over 160 customers on it and I am trying to figure out how to add more capacity, but have no ideas. I looked into using 6 APs with only 2 frequencies but there is just too much overlap and not enough side lobe rejection to make it feasible.

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