900MHz installation and setup

I would like to ask if it is possible to install 900MHz AP and SM in an NON-Line of Sight environment, and has a small hill in between. Also, the elevation of the sites is from top to down end.


Short answer - it depends.

I have had some success getting around the edge of a hill at 2 miles

Thanks Jerry, Did you use an external Antenna or just the panel antenna of the 900SM.

skimming the hill you should be ok.

trying to shoot through it…canopy aint that good

900 Integrated.

I will say that a yagi is a better way to go as it focuses the energy in a much narrower beam.

I seeyou guys are using 900 Mhz? You should check out the 17.5 and 14.5 Dbi Yagi antenna. By KP Performance Antennas


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