900Mhz Interference


I understand because 900mhz travels so far you need to plan very carefully as to not mess in your own nest so to speak.

Apart from that, does 900Mhz suffer from as much external Interference as 2.4?



As unlicensed platforms go, Canopy is the most interference resistant, robust platform I knowof.

With that said, it does have it’s limitations. Primarily, a Canopy SM needs the following s/n ratios:
- 1x operation - 3dB to get a link, + fade margin (minimum 3dB) or 6dB s/n
- 2x operation - 10dB to get a link + fade margin (minimum 3dB) or 13dB s/n

The above are the bare minimums and do not allow for atmospheric attenuation due to soot from fires, or dust and heavy rains. You will need to determine how much fade margin is required.

I would strongly recommend you do a serious spectrum analysis of the region you plan to cover to determine what your noise floor looks like. If you have a -75dB noise floor your max distances will be reduced than if the noise floor is -90dB.