900mhz on a Monotower

I am planning to deploy some 900mhz Canopy gear on a mono-tower.
Somebody I cannot remember who. (getting old) Said that the 900mhz equipment will not work on a mono-tower.
I asked why and he said that the metal tower will suck the RF out of the signal.
Does anybody have any experience that you can share with me.
Maybe the AP’s need to be mounted on standoffs or ???

Thanks in advance

If you pointed the AP right at the tower then the signal would just bounce back into the receiver. If you are facing them away from the tower (typical install) then you should be fine.

Thank you for the reply.
I understand what you are saying and only asked because of this guy saying there is a problem locating 900mhz on a monotower.
Personally I cannot see much difference between a lattice tower or any other kind of tower.

we have 900s on water towers, and 3 mono towers and they don’t perform any diffrent that our guide towers