900MHz PTP Cold Weather Anomaly


Preparing to do some long overdue maintenance of my 450 900MHz PTP link and I am trying to narrow down which side of the link might be having issues.

Not to rehash too much from previous post but the link was phenomenal when first deployed but suffered a drop in throughput which forced me to upgrade to KPP 17.5 yagis.  Performance improved but that was short lived and again the link suffered a drop in throughput causing the loss of gains seen with the installation of the KPP 17.5 yagis.

One thing that I have noticed is that the performance of the link returns to phenomenal status whenever outdoor temperatures drop below 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

This a repeatable event whether it be two weeks of temperatures not reaching above 24 degrees Fahrenheit or just an over night drop in temperatures below 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Below are a few screen grabs of speed test I have taken using Fast.com on my iPhone.    They were taken on various days at various times and various temperatures. 

Speed <--->Weather Conditions

Speed <---> Weather Conditions

Know this is not much information to go on but would be interested to know if others have run into this before.   Ran spectrum scans and they appear to be consistent at the various times.

Stay Safe


As a side note would just like to say Cambium makes a solid product and stands behind it so if your considering a 900MHz PTP link and your not in my neck of the woods give it a go I don't believe you will be disappointed.  :  )