900Mhz sectorized 120deg

Can anyone recommend an afforable, reliable and available 900 VPOL sectorized 120 antenna? Every supplier I try has at least a 3 week waiting list. Can you also recommend a 900 omni VPOL which actually works as well as the manufacturer specifies? I have tried several but remain with a 7dbi from Maxrad ($200cdn).

be careful with VPOL on 900mhz, alot of emegency signals, 911’s, ambulance and fire stations, use 900mhz VPOL. As well as pager systems and alot of commerical GPS usage runs on 900mhz VPOL as well. So chances are that you will be running into alot of interference. Also MOTO uses horizontal polarity for there 900 MHZ AP’s and SM’s. I guess you could use VPOL, but I wouldn’t…

To be a little more firm on the stance - don’t use vertical for Moto 900.

It will only bring you pain. Bite the bullet now, buy the Horiz antenna.