900MHz SM that takes a while for Ethernet to work

Anyone ever experienced this? Is running When I first turn it on, the direct connected PC (WinXP) says ethernet not connected (red x). If I wait anywhere from 10 to 30 mins, it will eventually connect. Power light is on the whole time. (this is not a PC issue)

Unrelated issue - was setting up a customer today close in to the tower (less than 2 miles). Their SM could see all three APs. I set the color code to the strongest one and rebooted. It would not register with that AP (it always read scanning and never attempted to register). So I switched color code to the 2nd strongest, it locked on and registered. Strange. The first AP is running fine with several users on it at the time.

Recommendations on company to do SM repairs? Would like at least 90 day warranty.

Thanks everyone.

Try upgrading to 8.2.2 - that fixes most Ethernet issues