900Mhz towers within 500 yards of each other?

What experience does everyone have with placing 900Mhz APs (whether it be an omni or cluster) on a tower within ~500 yards of another tower with a full 6 AP cluster?

Wow… a competitor’s tower? Sounds like you will have lots of fun.

The only hope you have is to be using identical timing. Even then, if they already have six sectors up in 900MHz, even if your APs don’t interfere with each other, it will be almost unavoidable to keep the SMs from seeing competing APs on the same frequencies, transmitting at the same time, thus everyone’s downlink efficiencies will suck and your service will suck. Sorry to break the bad news. Oh if you can use a different polarization then the competitor, you might be ok, especially if you try to point 924 in a direction that they don’t, 915 in a direction they don’t, etc… Which isn’t trivial if they already have six APs up. But you still have to use identical timing parameters.

Next to each other, not going to work even if you get everything set just right, timing FR all of it. You will have major UL and DL problems syncing ect. If you can get the clusters together on the same tower, and match up the settings and set the RF correctly, it will work fine, we have 2 towers with multiple 900 clusters on them without any problems (all integrated APs about 30 feet vertically separated)

So if I put a 6 AP cluster on the same tower 30 or more feet apart with all the same settings, then it will work fine?

you must match dl % and max distance and make sure your time is the same (if your both on Canopy CMMs your fine, but thier are other products out thier) then just make sure your freqs are off by 1 1/3 rotation and you can get 3 full clusters on 1 tower (we have 1 with 3 clusters like below) we have our Cluster 30’ apart, you prob. could be closer, but this is our setup.

…sector 1…Sector 2…sector 3

Your gonna need to go with something other than 900. I have enough troubles with towers that are miles apart. 500 yards and I wouldn’t even put them up.

To the guy who put up three 6-antenna clusters each rotated 60 degrees - What kind of antennas are you using and do any of your customers get 100% 2X downlink, or even 100% 1X downlink for that matter?