900Mhz unit won't let me configure DB

I have a 900Mhz out of a cluster of six that won’t let me change the DB setting from 26. If I change it and hit save, it goes back to 26 and the unit doesn’t ask me to reboot.

If I change most other settings, it doesn’t do this. The timeout won’t change from 25, either.

Anyone else seen this? I can’t find a reference to the unit refusing these settings for some other unknown reason in the docs.

You’re not trying to set the two fields to invalid values – db>28 (v6.1) or timeout<25 – are you?

Are the software, FPGA, and boot versions all the same between APs? Have you tried power cycling the unit, not just a reboot?

Trying to set it to 28db (from 26) and yes the unit has been power-cycled.

All APs are running 7.14 but it was doing it with 7.07 as well.