900smc shortage

Through the grapevine/venders we found out that Motorola was going to be re-tooling their factorys and they were not going to be producing any connectorized 900smc units and integrated units are going to be scarce. We rely exclusively on those radios and the 4 to 6 week shortage that we seem to be looking at is going to severely impact our ability to do business as we only order what we need and have only one radio at our disposal as I write this. In other words, according to vendors we may not be able to grow our busness for another month and a half if then. This seriously impacts us financially.

It would help if Motorola would have notified us of the impending shortage. Nothing in the user forums was announced and the last product announcement, which would have been one good place to put it, was issued in November 2005. It would help if Motorola used the forums as a means to keep their customers abreast of the progress they are making toward resuming production of the products we depend on for our livelyhood. I am EXTREMELY disappointed with how this has been handled but doubt there will be any efforts to placate me or their other customers.


Jay Weekley
Cyberbroadband, Inc.