900smc sources

With the Motorola 900smc shortage already hitting us full force, I need to ask if anyone has any of these units to sell. We are dead in the water without these so if anyone can part with even one at a reasonable price we could be greatful.

are you looking for the connectorized or non connectorized?


Good luck. I’d put a PO in to get in the queue… I would sure think Canopy could plan better, lack of SM’s is the worst thing, if you compete with other ISP’s it just makes the customer go elsewhere when you can’t give them a install date…

Tell me about it. Check out my “suggestions” in the Suggestions forum. We were running a significant backlog as there is no shortage of demand for us but 6 weeks just makes it worse. I even called tech support to see if I could get information and the tech didn’t even know about the shortage and had to track down an engineer. The good news is that the engineer supposedly said that Moto inflated their estimates to cover themselves to the shortage may be much shorter.

Why don’t you make your connectorized your selfs or ordered for someone to make them for you? We ordered some connectorized backauls, and than copied it to a regular BH. We did this on 5 GHz equipment, hope it’s the same for 900 MHz. It’s better to spend more money in start than to loose costumers…

I would like to thank the members on this board for bringing this to my attention. After reading this yesterday, we ordered 25 900SMC’s and they are scheduled to ship the first week of May. I hope this is accurate for our sake as well as others. Maybe the shortage will be brief enough to go unnoticed? However, a 900APC is backordered for almost a month.

Can i ask where you got them?

Motorola Online

Do you have a link?

Here is the link:
https://businessonline.motorola.com/Log … efault.asp

However, we are a registered Motorola Sales and Service shop with accounts with Moto. Im not sure if just anyone can start an account and buy direct or not?