A BER puzzle for the readers....

Ok, here’s my situation. I have a 900MHz AP with about 98 clients on it. (I know, I’m working on migrating some off and expanding capacity, but that’s what I’m stuck with for now…)

I have a handful (8 to 10) of clients who have good RSSI and Jitter (in the case I have studied most (my own :frowning: ), 1600 and 1), but terrible throughput (on the order of 100kbps down to nothing, off hours are better. Other clients on the same AP have up to 3Mbps throughput at the same time the 8 to 10 are suffering.). Link tests are 100/100 in 1x, 98/96 in 2x. I do not have BER enabled at the AP, yet I have seen BER information on the BER results page for my connection, and it’s on the order of 3.9x10-1(!!!). According to the paragraph and a half in the manual, it shouldn’t be above .001, and mine is at .3. But it doesn’t say what to do about it, just that it “indicates a problem” or something similar. (No kidding.)

This leads me to two questions:

1. Why am I getting BER information when it’s not on in the AP?

2. What do I do about it? With good RSSI and Jitter, and near-ideal link tests, what’s my next step?

For additional background, I’m running at 75%, 3 control slots, 15 miles. We have about 90 clients on this AP running near-flawlessly around the clock.