A good place to buy antennas ?

Were does everyone get their antennas ? I bought my Canopy test kit from doubleradius.com and while they have several Yagis to choose from they only have a two Omni and a panel or two. highgainantennas.com doesn’t have any 900MHz on their site and when I called them I was told any antenna I find on ( I forget the name, it was the company that made the antennas) some other site they could get for me… I’m not sure why I wouldn’t just buy them from the other site. I couldn’t find any “just antennas” on lastmilegear.com either. mtiwe.com has a few , but I would like to see a selection of different makers.

I’m looking for a good 900MHz yagi and “small” omni ( the small omni I’m planing to use for spectrum analysis so ‘small’ and mobile is important… oh and cheap, cheap is always good).

The “stingers” are interesting antennas. Do they more like a yagi or a panel ? Or are they some entirely different class of antenna ?

Also curious if there is such a thing as a dish for 900MHz. I haven’t found a single one out there. Is 900MHz so penetrating that it just passes through dishes instead of bouncing off ? I tried to install a SM at one of my bosses houses, his house is in RF hole on the dark side of hill , and found that for some reason the only time I could get signal was when I held the SM up to the back of his satellite TV dish. It wasn’t good enough to stay registered but putting the panel antenna to the back of the dish at least got signal.


We Love the 17 Dbi gain Yagi's

Yes, those 17dbi yagis are great. Better build quality than the Moonblink 18s.

Does anyone know how those 17dbi yagis compare to the 13dbd cushcraft yagi? We use 80% cushcraft yagis and the rest are on either Mars or Maxrad Panels. Just curious if anyone has compared or has input on quality,price,etc. Im always open for new and improved ideas.

http://www.tessco.com/products/displayP … entPage=17

M2 also do a 14dBi.

PacWireless do a grid for 900.

We have a few nice parabolics from Kath.-Scala and one on the way from Pac Wireless to try it out. Seems like it will be lighter and much cheaper than the Katherine/Scala’s we have.

I have a Pac Wireless 900 grid about 100ft up a pine tree. It works really well. It has survived an ice and snow storm without a problem. This is a 5 mile link.

Hey Matt Ive see some of your install pics in trees, they are awesome! Makes me curious to what you charge for an install fee and what the crazy climber gets paid! :lol: I climb/build towers to install antennas, cables,etc. for base stations, repeaters, etc. but 100’ swaying in the top of a 12" pine tree must be something else!

I outsource the climbing part to a local company called “Tree Top Antennas”. I think he charges $50 per hour. It usually takes between 2-4 hours of his time to do the test and install. I make the customer pay him directly, however I handle all the scheduling.

The tree guy mounts antennas where the tree is still at least 8"-12" in diamater, sometimes more. The pine tree is actually about 150ft tall. The antenna is only about 100ft up. I use these grids just for pine trees. The yagis just do not work well enough in the trees. But the grids are too big for the side of a house in my opinion. I plan to put up another grid in a tree for a 6 mile shot in a week or two.

Recently I began using the M2 14dbi yagi for all initial testing purposes. It works really well. I find that whatever signal the 14 gets a 17 will improve it by 3db. (Yes I know this is how it should be, but it usually doesnt work like that with other antennas).

My arsenal of antennas is for 900 is:

Integrated (considering phasing out for stingers but not sure yet)
Beehive Stinger
M2 14dbi Yagi
M2 17dbi Yagi
Pac Wireless Grid (for trees)