A GUI interface that works!

Would like to see the GUI interface lockup problem corrected. I am getting tired of having to telnet and reset to get the GUI active. I have public IP’s assigned to units (AP’s and BH’s) because they are part of different networks.

If you assign public (net-accessible) IPs to units you’ll have to get used to problems… there’s so much viral/expoit traffic happening on the internet that it’s hard work to make a solid web server, and since this isn’t a priority of Motorola’s (everyone has units with private IPs) it’ll be a while before it’s fixed.

I’d say: never assign public IPs to units. It’s a bad idea period. If you need easy access, give them private IPs and have a machine/router on a public IP forward its really high ports to the SM/AP’s http ports. No one ever scans the higher port ranges (20000-65534) so forward some of these to your units.

You know it blows my mind that Mororola doesn’t get it. This is an Internet Product! Which we all use for you guested it Internet access, for our clients. Trango got it, and allowed us to change the port to 8080 or what ever we want too. I did the whole mapping a public to private and that doesn’t work either. The plain hard truth is This is a product for internet access, and is used to for internet traffic. And I need to access these radios from? Where you ask the INTERNET. Not from a private network. Get a CLUE MOTOROLA!!!

Not having public IP’s on the radios is a good thing. You don’t want all of that excess web traffic flying around on your network. Port 8080 is constantly scanned so changing ports isn’t the answer.

Take any old machine and put VNC on it along with a software firewall. Drop it at your head end. Bind 2 IP’s to the machine, 1 public and 1 from the private network. We have a Class B set up for management of our network. If you have two networks, then use two old machines.

VNC to the machine, then use it to access your canopy devices. You can still have the public IP for the NAT as it is not a web server. This lowers the ethernet junk on the network and makes everything run smoother.

After you do this, check out the responsiveness of your network, it will improve.

Agree with Jerry :slight_smile:

This is an Internet Product!

Canopy is product that used for packet traffic flow not only for “Internet”,
and it’s not necessary to put public IP in each devices only for “monitoring and management”, remember ipv4 is only few left :slight_smile:

just my 2 cent, no offense :slight_smile: