A note to the web interface lock-up issue

I’ve found that when an AP has the web interface locked-up it doesn’t reply to pings with packet size more than 228 bytes.
Normally I can ping an AP with 1024 or 2028 or even 4048 bytes packets.
Does it mean that an AP can have problems with traffic transmitting when it has the web interface lock-up issue?

We had nothing but trouble when using public IPs. Issues with web interface lock up, sporadic traffic, etc.

Changed over to private IPs for the Canopy and the network performs MUCH better

Jerry is right.

I am using public IPs without a problem, but the only was I could do it was to set up ACLs in my routers that block all traffic to the management IPs of the APs save traffic from a handful of IPs that I come in from.

Basically, the Canopy equipment can’t handle all of the “junk” that comes in with an unrestricted routable address