Aaronia handheld spectrum analyzer


Surely, you will already be aware of various rumors concerning our new “V4” high-frequency spectrum analyzer.
Consequently, we feel it is our obligation to hereby rectify the large amount of misinformation circulating in the wild.

The SPECTRAN V4 will be available shortly after the Electronica 2008 Expo, approximately week 47. Final information, specifications and prices should already be available on our homepage www.aaronia.de at that time. Please note that due to the large amount of pre-orders we’ve already taken, delivery could take up to several weeks. So, should you be interested in timely delivery of a new unit or replacement of your existing SPECTRAN Rev.2/Rev.3, please be sure to contact us immediately in order to receive your product in time.

In any case, here’s the most up-to-date PRELIMINARY information about the V4:
The V4’s hardware is already complete and available, with the firmware being in a rather mature BETA status. Prices for the V4 series (base unit including HyperLOG antenna, case & accessories) will be around 1000-1500 Euros depending on the particular model, pretty much making the perfect precompliance / EMC measurement package for a smaller budget.

Compared to Rev.3, the V4 particularly features:
- A vastly extended frequency range (up to 9.4GHz)
- Significantly better sensitivity & an optional preamplifier (which can be kicked in via a TRUE RF SWITCH)
- Significantly faster sweep thanks to a novel PLL circuit
- DDC hardware filter
- Improved IF filter
- Considerably enhanced demodulation bandwidth, you can now listen to radio with ease :wink:
- 14Bit dual ADC giving a significantly improved dynamic range
- A new (switched!) attenuator featuring 1dB steps and improved IP3
- A much faster DSP with lots more memory
- A 0.5ppm TXCO timebase (option) for greatly reduced phase noise (jitter)
- Improved LCD display
- Fast battery charger
- Depending on model, a variety of new features (PEAK/RMS detector, more limits tables, more units, more logger options. improved/enhanced demodulation, audio sniffer for discovering bugs etc.)

HF-6060 V4 (10MHz-6GHz/-110dBm (Preamplifier=ON)/MIN RBW=10kHz) incl. HyperLOG 7060, selling for 999,95 Euros
HF-6080 V4 (10MHz-8GHz/-120dBm (Preamplifier=ON)/MIN RBW=3kHz) incl. HyperLOG 6080, selling for 1298,- Euros
HF-60100 V4 (1MHz-9,4GHz/-130dBm (Preamplifier=ON)/MIN RBW=1kHz) incl. HyperLOG 60100, selling for 1498,- Euros

- An integrated, extremely low-noise 15dB preamplifier for just 99,95 Euros (definitely include this one in your order)
- A highly precise 0.5ppm TCXO timebase developed to customer specifications for 199,95 Euros (indispensable when using small filter bandwidths)
- 1MB memory expansion for 99,95 Euros
- 6-10GHz PeakPower detector which can even measure signals with high crest factor (150-250 Euros depending on frequency range)
- An extra capacity 2200mAh battery for 49,95 Euros (default is 1300mAh)
- Sturdy outdoor case (plastic) for 99,95 Euro

Even more software-based features may be developed, for example an active, frequency-compensated broadband measurement
mode (patent pending) or an even further enhanced sensitivity by using smaller filters (here the TCXO option would be mandatory!). In this case, a sensitivity of up to -150dBm (with Preamplifier=ON) would very well be achievable. Furthermore, an ultra-low noise, extremely linear external preamplifier is already under development (available approx. week 50).

We will provide you with further information during the next few weeks via seperate mail, including a current product brochure.

!!!Pre-orders are being accepted RIGHT NOW!!! Your Aaronia customer ID is: 37965

With best regards
Manuel Pinten
Aaronia AG
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mail: MP@aaronia.de
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Jerry, you have one of these right?

Love it? I know I want one. We’ll probably order one soon.

Love would be an Anritsu.

I do like it though. With the logging its pretty powerful

Jerry Richardson wrote:
Love would be an Anritsu.............

Amen to that one brother.