Abiity to Export PMP100 Configs?

Super excited to see an export/import option for the config on the PMP 450i running 14.1.1. As I'm setting up our test I"m thinking how awesome if I could just pull the current config on our PMP 100s and mimic that. Of course, no handy spot on the GUI to do this. Does anyone know of a way to pull the current config off a PMP 100 AP and SM?

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Just browse to Configuration -> Unit Setting From there you can export the configuration

Yes, using R13.4.1 (I highly recommend trying the beta release) on the PMP 100 equipment gives you this ability to export configuration files on this platform.

R14.1.1 as you may notice is supported only for PMP 450 series equipment.

So only way to get that option for the PMP 100 is to upgrade to 13.4.1? May have to try and find a low volume AP to do some testing.

13.4 also offers/offered it.


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Their is one major difference between 13.4 config file and 13.4.1/14.x , 13.4 doesn’t export password while 13.4.1 export password in encrypted fashion which means you can take out the exported file and put it to some other radio and it will be configured properly with all password. For more details please refer to user guide here https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/pmp450/

Hello Siir, 

I Notice the ability in 13.4 on PMP100 Devices to download the configuration files.

Yet No capability for upload via web GUI or via CNUT software exists.

Do they plan to integrate the capability somewhere along the line? It would be great to have the ability to do it via CNUT or web interface as our network is quite large it isn't cost effective to replace all equipment to have this capability. 

Thanks for whatever input you gan give on this subject.

Sincerely; Lucas

Actually that is incorrect - the PMP100 radios have download AND upload of config files in 13.4.  On the Configuration->UnitSettings page you have the Download section then right below it the Upload&Apply section.


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On a side note you can also important the configuration file via url using snmp or RADIUS VSA as well, please refer to user guide for more details.

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I seem to see this on many of our PMP100 series products in mutiple frequencies. . Has anyone seen this could it be a setting of some  kind ?

Looks like you're logging in to the AP and using it's proxy to reach the SM - apparently (I'd never tried) it doesn't support uploading config through that proxy, only directly logged in to the SM itself.



I believe i Found the answer . It appears to be a slight bug between the AP to SM Connection . 

when the AP is proxy accessing the SM it doesn't show up and I get the error.

If I go directly to the ip address for the SM it then shows up . So that appears to be the answer as you stated.

Thanks for the assistance in pinning down the issue .

Yes I found it out and you were all correct :) 

Good to know had I not figured it out I still would have got the answer from you wonderful people :) Kudos to all of you .

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