ability to unmask WiFi passwords in cnPilot R series routers

It would be nice if our tech support would be able to unmask the WiFi passwords in the UI for the cnPilot R series routers.  It would be nice to see them in cnMaestro and be able to change them.

Would an ability to "overwrite" or reset the password work?  To comply with security requirements, it is not a good practise to expose the customers' actual password, but provide a mechanism to reset that password via customer care

You can see them in cnMaestro if you download the config file and take a quick look. Using cnMaestro, you can also set and overwrite the password using an appropriate template.

Senior management likes that our tech support can easily pull up a customers wifi password in the MikroTiks we are using now.  It's a sticking point on getting aproval to switch to the Cambium routers.

Also would like this  ablility. Especially now that cnMaestro is useless because I can't use the profiles because it would screw up everyones SSID and I can't override the profile because I don't have the Password.