About 30Mbps Units still

I had this 30Mbps units that i got as replacement of the one already deployed and had a problem. The new one i sent to the field and insert the mac of the peer; ip add config of my network; put it to master because the other one is slave; i later did alignment, i could not get signal.
I decided to bring both unit close for a banch test; i still could not get both sync; For your info i have the RF channel on iDFS 5734 at both end, i mean master and slave;
I check the software version; i have the following:
Slave 5840-06-02 ; that’s the old unit.
Master 5840-06-02; that’s the new unit;
Are they compatible: If no, please advice on how i can upgrade them;


Bruno Chabi

As Canopy_Support stated in your other post, you need to enter the target MAC address of the remote unit you want to connect to. These radios are designed to only connect to one other - therefore you need to enter the “other” MAC address in the target field - this is in the Installation Wizard, second page, top field.

I have set up a couple of these links with mismatched pairs - one integrated antenna unit and one conectorized unit - with no problems.


Hi, I am sucessfull now. It was incompatibility of firmware version; when i put both on the same firmware it worked.

Oops. I forgot to mention that. The release notes for the firmware do say that different version “may” not work together. I never did try it though.

Good work.