A friend of mine tried a Cyclone in a nearby city, he said he will not recommend it since he said at 2miles range, the ping reply is at almost 100ms compared to standard APs @ 22 or 23MS.

he also added that an SM - Cyclone within 3miles will need a reflector;

he concluded that Cyclone is having poor performance… any people here who can debate to this??

I am wishing to try one, but atleast i have an idea before investing thousands of $$$. please help me Cyclone users pls.

I have one of these. I haven’t observed any such issue.

Then again, it all depends on how loaded the link is, how it’s set up, what the bandwidth settings are, etc. etc.

We have 8 5.7 cyclones working great. 23ms on 15 miles max range.

Looks like the friend in question needs to change his mentality.

"This hardware is crap because I can’t get it to work right"


We have 3 2.4 cyclones and 3 5.7 sectorized cyclones. All work great as far as distance and signal strengths. He is probably in a high RF area where they would be suseptable to interference.

We have one that is advantage with HW sched on that has 93 connections and it works just fine, I happen to be one of the people on it and it performs great. That particular one also has people 7 miles away with no reflector. It is in very low RF area.

Thanks guys… i guess, its quite convincing…

its another nice, investment-saving gadget from lastmilegear.com

i hope to hear more feedbacks.

Yeah, the cyclones rock. Lastmilegear did a great job with the housing of them.

I’ve been using the 5.7GHz and 2.4GHz cyclones for about 1.5 years now they do just fine. Sorry for the short description, but “great” just sums it up :smiley:

i’ll appreciate more testimonials and observations from users. please post more