about eptp 550 and dhcp


i am using eptp 550 for my ethernet backhaul. the topology is spread across 4 destinations.

the issue im facing is with dhcp and dns. Do we have to specify dns in each of my AP and the routers that are connected to it?

The main router is responsible for dns and dhcp server and natting. The management vlan is hosted in the main router too. All the APs and mikrotiks are used as bridge so they pass all the vlans.

i am able to get the dhcp ip but unable to resolve the dns at far end.

is there any specific option that i have to check/uncheck in the APs ?

the topology is given below.


First of all you need to update to the laterst firmware version. I recommend as it has no problems with passing tagged traffic.

If this will not help you can reach me at this email address. Andrii. Khyzhny@cambiumnetworks.com and I will try to assist you.

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The throughput seems better as compared to 4.1.4 version (currently it is

However, regarding ethernet MTU, i have changed it to 1600 from 1538 since my distant switches use 1600 mtu size.

Will this have any effect or should i just allow 1538 MTU on ptp 550 devices?

The MTU should be the same as on the switch so you did it right when changed it to 1600. With less MTU size on PTP550, you may see drops of frames bigger than the MTU set on PTP link.