About synchronization...

Good morning,

we have less than 200 AP's (450-450i-450m) and after some study about Cambium synchronization we have set the AP's radio parameters similar as possible.

In one tower we have all'AP's with 11 miles range, one with 9 miles range and all the others towers with 8 miles range and 70% Downlink Data so in all our network we have 3 different settings all with the same numbers of Contention Slots.

On the "different" towers we compensate the more range with 1% more in the Downlink Data.

So now we have these 3 settings:

One tower with:9.JPG

One tower with:


ALL the others towers:


Can you tell me if with these settings our network is correctly synchronized?

Thank you!

Hi Telemar, 

We have closer to 40 APs but have not had any issues with range, contention slot, and download %.  The big thing is making sure they are synched with a GPS unit and the frequencies are mapped out appropriately so one tower does not interfere with another.  Link Planner is helpful for that.