About XMS management Vlans

Hello, I’m upgrading the Xirrus equipment in my office but with the Cambium acquisition some things changed and I’m a little confused. Now my Aps have to be connected to Cambium’s cnMatrix POE ports instead of a Xirrus switch. I already created the Vlans with static IPs in the cnMatrix, and connected APs to it. the XMS cloud could see the APs and I could manage and assign them to profiles, but the SSIDs didn’t have internet access. Then i changed the Vlans in the Matrix to DHCP and then my Wireless networks were able to access the internet but the XMS cloud lost connectivity with the APs(it would show them as offline).
this is how I’m configuring it

 SonicWall                          cnMatrix                                                                  XMS cloud
   Vlan1(10.0.10.x)               Vlan1(DHCP)                     >                                 SSID1 - Vlan1
   Vlan20 (10.0.0.x)              Vlan20(DHCP)                   >                                 SSID2 - Vlan20

I think that when I set the Vlans in the Matrix as DHCP, the Matrix started provisioning the APs instead of the XMS cloud. Does anyone have run into a similar problem?