AC wiring diagram for HotZone DUO Mesh European Standard

I have 4-pins wire cable with RED,WHITE,BLACK and GREEN colors.
Someone could tell me how plug these pins into AC power plug in European Standard 240VAC

In Canopy i know that:

Black is power
White is neutral
Green to chassis ground Use 3-pins 120VAC

Hi, I have and IAP4300 and it sais that works from 100V-240V 15 watts 50-60hmz.
It has internaly in the power connector Gree/Yellow, Red, Black and White but only use Gree/Yellow, Black and White at the internal transformer conector that transfor into 12VDC.

Could you share with me the wirering diagram of the “red plug” I need to reset my motomesh and i don’t have one.

Thanks in advance

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You don,t use RED Plug to reset AP i have send to you message

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