Accepting vs Managed Problem

I have Prizm 2.1 installed on RHE and up until recently all my SMs would go in as a managed state, but now all new SM’s will not go in as managed they always say accepting.

I have compared the SM settings to others in the system and there is nothing different.

What am I missing here?


If you view the Event log of the SMs, what do they say?

Open the SM Detail Pane, select Events, you may need to expand the time from the default 24 hours to a larger time scale.

This will display the events with respect to switching from Accepting to Managed.

We are using Prizm 2.1, with MYSQL as the database. This problem started with us about 3 weeks ago.

Whenever a radio was added to a tower, we just went to define networks, then clicked on edit, add elements for BAM provision, put the MAC in and selected Full EMS Management (Elements will be Managed at next Network Registration). This worked fine until about 3 weeks ago. Now the SMs just stay in accepting mode even after rebooting the SM. We have verified that SNMP read/write is checked and the passwords are correct in Prizm for the radios.

We have also looked at the logs in debug mode and nothing interesting reported in the logs. It gives a line where the SM authenticates and that’s it, nothing about rebooting for management.

Any ideas would be great.

We are running Prizm on CentOS 4.4 using MySQL. We have tried rebooting the Prizm server, we have tried removing the SM entries and adding them again but still will not accept new SMs for management.

I removed more then 300 SMs that were managed but not authenticating to BAM just to make sure it was not a license issue, this had not effect. The licensing reports 2 packs available.

I have also looked at logs in debug mode, and also looked at the details of the SMs events and alerts and no info there.

Is their anything we can do short of killing the database and starting over from scratch? Has anyone seen this and resolved this issue without reinstalling Prizm? Any ideas as to why this happened?

Any response would be greatly appreciated thanks.