Access a cnWave Radio when you lost the IP address

If you forget the IP address of the cnWave radio, you can access the radio using its Link Local IPv6 IPaddress. The Link Local IPv6 IP address can be calculated using the MAC address of the radio. You can use some free tool from the internet to calculate the IPv6 IP address. one of the tool I used online is MAC address to IPv6 link-local address online converter – Ben's blog. Once you get the Link Local IPv6 IP address, you can ping it from your laptop (most computers already support IPv6 without configuration).
To access the webpage of the radio, type https://[IPv6 Address]/


There is a second method, right?

The second method is to follow standard factory default procedure. But this is the easiest way. as far as I know, you can use any laptop without configuration and access the Link Local IPv6 address of the radio.

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