access ap from sm

hi all,

how can i access an AP from a SM? i know there’s a way


if the sm is registered, then you just put the IP address of the AP into your browser.

there are a lot of variables that come along with this question. it all depends on the IP layout of your network, routers, routing tables, etc. you would need to provide more information in terms of how your network is physically and logically designed.

it’s registered, but i dont know the ip address of the AP, that’s why i’m asking on how to acess the AP from the SM


Telnet to the SM. From the SM, telnet to This is the RF private IP network for a Canopy AP unless you changed it in which case you need to get your keys…

for each AP:
AP =
LUID 1 is .2
LUID 2 is .3

You can also telnet to the AP, and then telnet to a specific LUID. By the way, this only works from inside the AP.

Just out of curiosity, is this AP owned by you? Or are you an end user of another provider? As others have said, you need to be on the same subnet and VLAN as the AP to access it. After that there is password protection to deal with.

If this is indeed your own AP and you have misplaced the IP for it, you have a nmuber of options. You can try Jerry’s suggestion. If you have changed the private RF subnet of the AP you have another option, if you know the basic subnet you can try a subnet scan to see what responds, perhaps trigger your memory. Another option, you can drive to the AP site, use a default plug and then see what you put in it.

I’m still curious if this is your AP or someone elses.


i was wondering the same thing…

I think the best option would be a truck roll to the site…