Access Point column on Inventory page?

Any chance of adding the ability to see where a PMP450sm is connected to on the inventory page, looking at for instance all offline devices, theirs no way to tell where the offline users are connected to normally unless I click on each one seems like a missed opportunity even if the columns disabled by default

Thank you for you feedback.  I recommend also posting this to the Ideas section.

What exactly would you like to see in that column?  MAC address of the parent, name, a link to the parent, all of the above, something else?

@CSup, the "Connected AP" column is avaialable in the Statistics page.  

See the screenshot below.  The "Connected AP" is displayed by MAC address.  You could click on the System folder in the device tree and then this would display a list of all of the SMs and their parent AP MAC.

Does this meet your use-case?