Access SM remotely without having password

We have a rouge SM in the field that we do not know the password too. We don’t have access to the SM as it is not our property. We do not have authentication operation on Prizm. Is there anyway to access the radio remotely or at least block traffic for just that one SM?


What you could do is change the color codes on all the SMs but the rogue, then change the color code on the AP and disable the broadcast of the AP eval data.

when it reboots all your customers will register but the rouge will not be able to find your AP.

Alternately you could block it using an access rule in your router since you probably have the MAC address. Or better yet you could redirect the traffic to a server with a special page just for him.


Blocking the MAC of the SM would do the job?

Now that I think about it, probably not. How did they get an IP address?

Well the IP of the SM wouldn’t matter what it is, as long as they were able to get into it. After that they would just get a DHCP address from our server. The problem is they used to be a contracted installer for us.

that’s what I meant - DHCP.

sounds like a hassle.

That is theft of service! here it is a class c misdemeanor

Without authentication enabled in your Prizm server you are at a loss.

The only other thing you can do it to get the MAC address of the device assigned an IP from your DHCP pool and Blackhole it, unfortunately if they change routers, etc this will not work.

You will always be in a cat and mouse game.

If you get the MAC address of the SM from the Session List, call the Authorities and have them investigate.

As Jerry said you can change your color codes, this will cause a problem with your site surveys if you have more than one tower in overlapping regions.


Can anyone think of a way that I can prove that traffice is moving across that SM? If worse comes to worse we want to be able to prove that this individual is using our service. They won’t allow us access to the radio as of now and we can’t log into it.

do you have any type bandwidth control?

Yes but how would we monitor it if we don’t know the IP of the radio?

I like Jerrys idea.

You could put a hub between the AP and the rest of your network and then run Ethereal captures to see if there is any traffic from that radio passing off the AP.

You can look at the bridge table of the AP, then you can match all the mac addresses with your exciting costumers. What is left behind is the thief. You can then block it on the router, and when new unknown mac shows then again, and again…

You should also consider using vlans, for management and for the access. This way it will be realy hard to get the right configuration.

Also set all the SMs to go to default configuration when default plug is inserted.

well, we run a cisco router and with the last four # of the mac address off the sm unit it will give you the ip they are running

who owns the equipment?

We do, but before we go ahead and force legally to take it we want to make sure they’re using it.

Doesn’t matter if they are or are not. Just call them and tell them you want the equipment back.

if you have the resources put up an another AP with a different configuration and swap all the other customers over. Then monitor the old AP’s traffic (with just his SM connected)

Jerry is right, go to the customer and let him know that you want your property back. If he refuses take him to small claims court. You will need a way to protect yourself from this in the future. I have multiple ways to terminating a customers connection.

If you own the equipment, why can’t you just go get it? We do… There is no prewarning when we remove equipment

you know where the sm is i take it? then send in the ninjas with a reset plug and reset it to factory defaults, leave it there but reconfigure with your password, yes it is a bit mission impossible … but i would love to see their faces when they try to log in …