Access to SM (ePMP 300-25) lost from ePMP3000

Hi guys,

I have recently installed a bridge between an ePMP3000 and an ePMP300-25.

The link has been working really well for a month or so until this morning when the connection was dropped.

I can no longer see/ ping/ log in to the ePMP300-25 even when plugged in directly.

The power light is green and all ethernet lights are flashing orange.

When I browser into the ePMP3000, it says "no transmit due to dfs" .

I gather this would cause a loss in connection but is this the reason for not being able to access the SM directly?

If not, what could cause this access trouble?

Also what are the best methods to avoid DFS interruptions?

Thanks in advance,



Yes, most probably it is to to DFS radar detection. What you can do is try to change the operating frequency. Depending on the country where you are operating you can choose non-DFS channels to totally avoid this issue.



When you say access the SM directly, do you mean connecting a pc to the ethernet cable of the SM? If so, and not knowing your network, the easiest and best way to do this is set pc for the 169.254.1.x subnet and log in to SM using

Also, did you use any alternative DFS freqs in your AP and SM? 


Thanks for your response. Yes I mean connecting directly to the SM by ethernet and attempting to browse to its known IP address. It continued to time out and I was not able to ping the address.

The Link has since started working again, so I assume it was DFS causing the issues. I have tried a few alternate DFS frequencies but the link continues to go down occaissionally due to DFS.

Should I just continue to try alternate frequencies until one has little to no interruptions??

Thanks again for your help,


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