Access to SM vi Pocket PC

I seem to remember seeing a note some where, indicating that there are a separate set of html menu’s to access an SM with a handheld or pocket PC that have smaller screens than the standard.

I can’t seem to find the reference if there ever was such a note.

The reference was related to the alignment screens.

Does anyone know what the url would be to get to these smaller menus?

You know I was just looking for that myself a few day ago. I recall seeing it somewhere, now it has completely disappeared?? Would be great to try out a handheld when doing site surveys.

The note was in the 4.2 Release notes under Section 2 Release Description. I dont see them on the menu either. Hmmmmm.

Try http://<ip address>/pda.html


This works just fine.

I am using a MYPAL A620 Pocket PC with a Trendnet TE-CF100 100 CF card.

I down loaded some software from Cambridge Computer Group that allows me to do pings, traceroute, etc.

The above software was free, but I am going to down load their telnet program also which costs a few bucks.

Thanks again for the URL.