Access user radio from AP

Is there a way to do this from the AP? I need to make some changes to the subscriber radio.


This feature is coming in a near future software release. Currently we don’t have it today, but if you sign-up for our open beta, you might be able to try it out before it is released.


If you know the IP address of the subscriber radio, you can access it from a PC connected to the AP.

Release 2.1 (currently in Beta) introduces “SM click-through” feature where you can access the SM’s GUI by clicking through from the AP’s GUI (under Monitor->Wireless)

Não existe a possibilidade de acessarmos o Station via mac (LUID) como na série PMP100 ? No aguardo.

We use pppoe and nat, the “SM click-through” in the monitor->wireless, in SM IP Address display (All SM display that IP). So we cannot use the “SM click-through”.