Accsess to PC from outside world.

Hi there,

I am trying to get a remote desktop connection with my PC at home from my work PC. My CPE address is say , When I type this in as the computer I want to connect to with Remote desktop connection in XP. I cant get through to it.
Is this because of NAT or port forwarding?, is some setting in the CPE switched off/on preventing access from outside world?.

Thanks in Advance.


Could be any number of reasons depending on the configuration. If you’re talking about the Canopy management IP, it will allow access to the radio, not the gear behind it.

If you’re bridging, you’ll need to find out what the address on the PC is and use that.

If it is using NAT, you’ll need to know the NAT IP of the CPE, and make sure that you’re properly configured to DMZ in. Canopy NAT DMZ is all or nothing in v7, so make sure that the computer is protected (firewalled) if there is a public address on the NAT IP, because all the world will be knocking on your door.


This is not an end user forum. Please contact your ISP regarding configuration of your equipment.


you need to set up port forwarding on your router, suggest you ask a tech.