In 450 SM Tools> AP Evaluation, what is “AckBeforeMap”? I see no mention of it in the user manual or in this forum. Google doesn’t even know! It seems to have shown up in v16.1.
What’s so secret?


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AckBeforeMap is a feature enhancement that we have added which resulted in increased efficiency of the over-the-air radio MAC level acknowledgments by moving these before the Uplink Scheduling Map. There is no user intervention to enable/disable but is only supported on PMP 450 product family. At the time that was added to the AP Evaluation page the software also supported PMP 430, which did not support this added functionality. For this reason it was added to the AP Eval page, although in hindsight probably does not need to be there as it has created questions for customers.

It might be removed from the page in a future release. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the explanation!

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