ACS is not working properly.

See graph. When will it be implemented remote spectrum analyzer??

Hi Pavel,

I would like to suggest you to monitor environment with Spectrum Analyzer tool a bit longer.

Interference may have bursty behaviour.

We will check ACS tool in our Lab as well to avoid bugs in SW.

Spectrum Analyzer tool improvement is already scheduled and will be delivered soon.

Thank you.

This screen was meant just for this forum. We tried running Spectrum Analyzer for longer than 10 minutes with the same result, ACS runs just about a two minutes. So the spectrum analyzer should capture more noise. Also, in practical use, the frequencies where ACS shows noise are quite alright after all.

I sometimes switch to ACS /solely/ to have a spectrum analyzer type view of interfering signals without needing to reboot etc.  I refuse to leave it active as it's proven so unreliable.

The other day I ran it on an ePMP 5ghz AP.  Like all of our 5ghz ePMPs, it's set to 20MHz wide channel.  And it showed a 70-MHz wide chunk from 5780 to 5850 with interference metric of ZERO all across.  And the stupid thing picked three DFS channels anyway.  Manually set it on 5795 and everything's running great.


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