Activated DPA

Curious if anyone else out there has seen this and may have any insight as to when to expect an SM to be activated. I installed a 3ghz SM today and was notified that the Grant was suspended because" it is in a move list for a DPA that has been activated"  I have one other SM on this AP and neither the AP nor the SM are having issues and both are connected just fine. Any ideas or thoughts as to how long it will take to get this SM to get the grant approved and working? UUUGGHHH! Thanks 

I am guessing that you're near a coastal area (which may have been an "exclusion zone" under Part 90 rules).

In any case, a DPA event can trigger the suspension of a grant. The length of the suspension is determined by the SAS (more accurately the ESC (Environmental Sensing Capability) network of the SAS). This is a required part of the CBRS spectrum use, and indicates that there is government radar use in the area. Therefore, the "move list" means that the frequency that device was using needs to be moved off for a temporary period of time. 

We are finding, in working with the various SAS Administrators, that these events do indeed occur, and have varying lengths of time (from hours to days) that can cause disruption of service. Unfortunately, there is not a lot to do about it. However, if you're still having this issue, please open a support ticket so we can dig into it further. We are still early in the CBRS learning curve (everyone is) and your experience may help others in the future.

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