actual power consumption

I’m thinking of using a ptp650s on sites powered by solar and wind. I’d like to know actual power consumption by the ptp650:

What is the permissible voltage range for the supply?
Does the current reduce as the voltage increases (ie maintains the same power consumption) within the voltage range or is there an optimal voltage (with the minimum power consumed)?


Ian Smith

Hi Ian

The power consumption of the PTP650 ODU is about 25W.
It is constant with voltage.
The minimum input to the PIDU DC input is shown as 37V however the maximum cable length will not be achieved at this voltage. 45V should be OK for 100m.
The figures above assume no power being sourced from the AUX port

There are some tables in the user manual which give the specifications of the PIDU AC+DC. These are available from our website under support

Hope this helps


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