Actual throughput?

we just installed 2 links both seem to be exhibiting same thing both have 35+ SNR on both paths, both show 8x8x and both links test at 105mbps / 20mbps 80% split

But when we do throughput tests (iperf or we're only able to push ~60-70mbps/15-20mbps...

Is this normal something seems... odd.

What SM's are you using (450's or 450i's), and are you using NAT? If you take the two test computers, and use an ethernet cable between them, what are the transfer rates?

450 no NAT, its a routed IP, PC's have tested well over 500mbit perfore in the office so don't think thats the issue

On iperf, how many threads/connections were you using and were you testing with TCP or UDP, also what packet size?

Would need to check with the onsite engineer, but normally on our old PTP 500-600's we didn't have issues matching the advertised specs..

I noticed this morning when i came in the downlink was showing as odd especially a link <200m

Stats for LUID: 2   Test Duration: 2   Pkt Length: 1714   Test Direction Bi-Directional

Link Test with Bridging

VC Downlink Uplink Aggregate Packet Transmit Packet Receive Actual Actual

18 61.09 Mbps 30.05 Mbps 91.14 Mbps,  6554 pps 8825 (4412 pps) 4284(2142 pps)


Downlink Uplink Efficiency Fragments
count Signal to
Noise Ratio Efficiency Fragments
count Signal to
Noise Ratio Actual Expected Actual Expected

100% 238648 238648 0 dB V
43 dB H
99% 118104 117396 41 dB V
38 dB H

Link Quality

RF Path Modulation Fragments Modulation
Percentage Average Corrected
Bit Errors

V QPSK 59724 25% 0.059
V 16-QAM 59724 25% 0.067
V 64-QAM 59724 25% 0.077
V 256-QAM 59724 25% 0.065


RF Path Modulation Fragments Modulation
Percentage Average Corrected
Bit Errors

V QPSK 14269 25% 1.015
V 16-QAM 14225 25% 1.120
V 64-QAM 14171 25% 1.189
V 256-QAM 14185 25% 1.125
H QPSK 14705 25% 0.307
H 16-QAM 14705 25% 0.518
H 64-QAM 14704 25% 0.837
H 256-QAM 14704 25% 0.295

Link Test ran on 17:49:01 01/04/2011 UTC

Currently transmitting at:

VC 18 Rate 8X/4X MIMO-A

Hi Chris,

Did you try to change the value of "SM Receive Target Level" configuration parameter on the AP.

Try to change it to (61-) and test again.

I know i see that on the PTMP radios but on the PTP i don't have that parameter to set in the radio page :S

OK , you have to decrease the Tx power at both sides as the link distance is too short.