Add a Color Code Column to AP Reports in cnMaestro

Please add the color code variable to the device reports for APs and SMs in cnMaestro.

It will make it easier to share this information with installers.

I beleive the cnMaestro team will look into adding this.

Have you checked out Cambium's installer app, cnArcher.  Installers using it no longer need to worry about color code because the app will automatically configure it on the PMP SM (and SSID for ePMP).  The installer just needs to click on the AP he wants to connect to (as in the example below). 

An upcoming cnArcher Android 1.3.x beta will also introduce another new feature further simplifyng the process for the installer by showing him the three closest APs (when using cnMaestro), their distance and what direction he needs to aim for each.  Check out this "Nearest AP" feature coming soon to cnArcher Android in the 1.3.x beta release.  An sexample screenshot is shown below.