Add ePMP to cnMaestro On premises


I want add Cambium ePMP 2000 to cnMaestro premises but the server list the device in status: Waiting for Device

I add the device from the menu: onboard Device - Claim Devices with MAC Address

Configuration server:

NO Enable Cambium ID based authentication to onboard devices

Version 2.2.0-r60

Configuration device:

Remote Management: yes

cnMaestro URL: https://ip.address

NO Cambium ID
NO Onboarding Key

Layer 2 Firewall: Disable

Layer 3 Firewall: Disable

Version 3.5.2

The device ping the server and there is no Firewall.

Somebody can help me?

Hi Marco,

First of all I would recommend to update at least to 3.5.6 or better 4.4.3 firmware. Please also provide cloud device agent logs for additional troubleshooting.

You can share log files privately with our friendly tech support team via