Add 'prospects' or 'pending' to cnMaestro's Map


Hi. Does anyone know if there is a way to add 'prospects' to the map in cnMaestro, for clients who aren't yet connected clients?

I'm thinking that would be a great way to help changing the couple thousand non-Cambium clients we have over to Cambium gear.  I think it would be very useful to be able to create 'prospect' dots on the map for where these people are, and then then to later 'convert' them into onboardable radios as we change those clients over to ePMP.

Our clients are spread out over a large rural area, and it'd be great to have a visual map of them all to be more efficient when changing over to ePMP. Also, it'd be great to be able to add locations (or a 'layer' maybe?) for leads or for cancelled clients that we may want to later win-back, or for locations where we've gone and done a site survey with no signal...  maybe 2 years down the road we have 10 of those in a cluster that cnMaestro could show us and we'd know where to put a new sector...

Basically - to be able to add a location without having to 'onboard' a connected radio to do it.

So, does anyone know if cnMaestro can do anything like this now, or does anyone have any suggestion for ways to accomplish this with other software?

Most moddern billing systems have map integration that will solve some of this.  We use Sonar and used to use Powercode.  They can both accomplish this.

Add 'prospects' or 'pending' to cnMaestro's Map

Hi.  I'm just bumping this idea, and wanting to ask if this is possible now somehow?
So, does anyone know if there is a way to add 'prospects' to the cnMaestro map? To add prospects for clients who are not yet connected ePMP SM's?
The idea is that we still have around a thousand non-Cambium clients that we'd like to move over to ePMP. It would be very very useful as a planning tool to be able to create dots for these 'prospect' on the map 
for where these people are, and then then to later 'convert' them (or even just delete and replace them) as we change those clients over to ePMP.

Our clients are rural and spread over a large area, and this would be a great visual tool if we could map them all on the same map at the same time. Basically - I guess this would be as simple as being able to manually add a SM location to cnMaestro, without having to have an 'onboarded' radio first to accomplish adding the SM.

I know last time I asked, there was a suggestion to do this in our billing software - I appreciate that suggestion but that doesn't work for us because we are kinda married to our existing software (for now at least) so I'm hoping someone has an idea of how to use cnMaestro's maps for this forcasting and prospecting purpose


Sounds like Cambiums, Link Planner maybe something useful for you.  I have used CSV data and KML data from our billing software( sonar) to prepopulate our network to Link Planner and saved it so we have a map and I can add prospects into there though they will be assumed Cambium customers. But From there I have it populate that info into google Earth Pro, Which is another great resource for you to use. You can input your cambium customer links, as well as non cambium links into google Earth and be able to track them that way at least. I know its not making the on-boarding and tracking more easy but it is a start and these are both very helpful tools.