Add User - Invite User not possible


I want to add a user (operator). But I dont get it.....

I click "Add User" in Appliction> Users. Then a new window opens. I can only insert the email address of the person, I want to invite, and I can choose the Role (e.g. operator). 

Then I click on the button "send" and an email is send to the email address. 

In the email is:

.... has invited you to join their Cambium Networks account.

Account name.....

Cambium ID ....

Email Address ....

If you would like to accept this invitation, please follow this link


But, if I click the link, it opens a new form, where I asked for the email and a password....???? Which password ???


Hi Oliver,

You need to use the password that was used while regestering the email id with cambium.

If not yet registered Please use the click here to register link as shown below