Add user to an already created (without user) Managed account

I’m wondering if is it possible to add a user to a Managed account that on creation we did not add an email, like this:

We have Managed accounts (createad without email) and now we need to give access to those Managed accounts to a third party and as far as I know the option to add users is only available
if upon Managed account creation we added an email, like this:

Is there any other way? Can we change the “type of Managed account” after creating it? Should I create a new managed account (this time the right way) and move all the APs and config to the new managed account? Could you point me to the right procedure?


Hello etelecom,
Sorry for the inconvenience caused, but as per current design if any managed account is created without any user initially, post creation we cant add a new user to that managed account.
Please create a new Managed account with a user mail id and move the APs and config of old account to newly created managed account.