Added 3.65 PMP450 AP new sector causes people on sector 12 miles away to drop of that sector

Added sector 12 miles apart they are pointing into the same general direction. how is one makeing Customers drop off the other?? I tried cambuim support but they ask for cnut info and when i did not get them cnut info they just closed the ticket no suggestions or anything. Does anyone have seen this what can i do

A CNUT capture would really help the support team to diagnose your problem.  Without this information, it's a little bit like grasping at hunches...

That said, check your synchronization timing parameters. If you're using the same (or nearby) frequencies, and the SMs can hear both APs, this can cause interference if they're not sync'd properly.  Double check all of the timing parameters (max range, duty cycle, contention slots, etc).

all of that is matched on both and still causes all SMs to drop randomly on the main tower

Did you say that both sectors are on the same frequency or no?

If yes, this is definitely self-interference... even with sync parameters the same, the SMs that are "hearing" both APs will have a tougher time decoding which they should be listening to.  

Even if not the exact same freuqency, you may be causing enough interference to cause problems for a few radios.  Try moving the frequency farther away if possible.  Turning the azimuth of the overlapping sector (to create less overlap) may also help.