Adding additional channels to the list of an AP and BH

While I was at Canopy training, as a person was asking a question he stated that he knew how to add additional channel selections to the list in an AP and BH. Does anyone know how to do this? I did not get to this person to ask.

I believe they were talking about adding the ISM frequencies to the list. They are already enabled on newer modules (ie. Advantage). In the older modules, go to http://ipaddress/ism.html There is a check box there to enable the ISM freqs.


how do we enable additional freqs on 5.2,
I saw a 5200 unit for sale on ebay that had more that the normal 5275-5325
said it was a different firmware? is that availble?

Is this available on 900 gear?

When I try to browse to http://<ip-addy>/ism.html no page loads.