adding custom logo


I want to be able to change the motorola canopy logo with company’s names…but when i tried to ftp and replace the file am not able to…running ver 11.0.1

has anyone be able to do this?


I’ve not tried with 11.0.1, but with 9.5, 10.5 and I think 11.1 I’ve been successful.

Use FTP (binary!) to push advantaged.jpg and top.html to the canopy, then telnet to it and issue addwebfile advantaged.jpg and addwebfile top.html, then reboot. (note the names are NOT prefixed with underscore)

Keep advantaged.jpg the same size as the orig (443x100) and top.html consists of nothing but an html anchor element:

<a href="http://my.monandmanage.url">

to direct clicks on the logo wherever useful.

If that fails you, try downgrading to earlier firmware, rebrand, and revert. The branding survives firmware upgrades.


For the filename, use advmainlogo.jpg not advantaged.jpg…

What is the trick to making the logo stick around?

I have some SMs where the custom logo vaporizes after a reboot. On others, it seems to stick around.