Adding new frequencies to 3.65 PMP 450 3600-3650

Trying to add the new 3600-3650 to our new PMP 450 365 and cannot

There is no "new 3600-3650" frequencies avaialble.

The PMP 450 3.65 GHz radios are approved for use in FCC regulated areas from 3650-3700 MHz, under Part 90 rules.

Interesting timing for this post, as I am just now updating some information regarding the FCC Open Meeting and the adoption of a further order with respect to the upcoming CBRS and Part 96 rules.

Didn’t FCC open up the lower 50??? We have been under the assumption that we could start broadcasting soon as we was grandfathered in per our Engineering firm

Please see the FAQ and discussion in this thread here.

There are rules for the new frequency, but nothing has been turned on yet...

Also, the new spectrum will be 3550-3650 MHz, but it's controlled via a cognitive radio approach (the SAS, or Spectrum Availability Service).  Any radio that will support this will need approval under the new rules.  Nothing exists yet, because the FCC has not finalized the SAS, nor have they begun approving devices that meet the new Part 96 rules yet.

Please read the information at the links above and at the FCC website.  There is a LOT to these changes....